An Angel Fund for Operators by Operators

Tonic Fund is built for operators by operators. We have been startup operators for more than a decade and have been in many challenging situations as operators. We want to help other operators by providing what we've learned along the journey and avoiding the traps we got caught before.

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About Us

Yenwen Feng

💻 software engineer, 📈 DeFi maximalist, and 🥨 PERP hodler.

Cofounded Perpetual Protocol, Decore, Cubie, Gamelet, and Willmobile. You can learn more about me at

Cjin Cheng

I've been sitting on both sides of the table — entrepreneur and VC.


VC: Hustle Fund (Preseed/Seed Fund), 500 Startups (Seed Fund & Accelerator)

Cofounded: Cubie, Gamelet, Willmobile

More about me at: